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Vol 2016, No 1 (2016)

Chi Pham and Stephan Weiler / Pages 1 - 28

Closing the Growth Gap: Entrepreneurship across Vietnam's Provincial Economies

Flávio A. José and Luciana Morilas / Pages 29 - 37

Buying Your Own Congressman: Using the Market Basket Analysis To Predict Political Behavior in Brazil

Hana Kim / Pages 38 - 52

Critical Review of Recent Changes to the Emissions Trading Scheme in South Korea


Gil H. Park / Pages 53-71

Geoeconomic Organization:

Preconceptions and New Conceptualization


Vol 2017, No 1 (2017)

Daniela Railean /

Grand Corruption and Its Impact on Economic Growth


Pyeongeok An / 

Fiscal Federalism and Korea


Seong H. Jeong /

Behavioral Tax and Psychological Biases: Theories and Implications for Regional Real Estate Policies


Sung M. Kwon /

The Effects of Portland Urban Growth Management on the Commuting Pattern and Jobs-Housing Balance of Different Income Groups


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